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I’d like to first thank you for stopping by and taking a look at my branding work. My name is Rich, I’m a NJ based entrepreneur, brand designer and strategist, photographer, videographer and dad to two creative teens. My passion is telling stories through images — color and tone which connect emotions to experiences.

This portfolio is an archive of the many. logos I’ve designed. Key here is that a logo, does not make a brand. Your brand is the full spectrum of how your target perceives you and spans video, digital, web, print, social, PR and all aspects of where and how you get attention. That’s what I do! I creates exciting and consistent brands that connect customer emotions to business. To see more about this total branding approach visit my agency site at http://gravitudebrandlab.com/ or explore the pages in this site to see only the logos. Either way, enjoy and lets connect!
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Where magic is happening MY STUDIO

This is the place, where I can work with lights and shadows to create something brilliant. I’m talking about my photo studio that is located at 1250 Welton St, Denver. Here we can discuss and create your photo portfolio in comfortable and professional atmosphere.

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